Carrageenan In Food Science

| October 24, 2016

Food science is now crucial for a human living because the existence of food science will cleanse the judgment of people that can sometimes judge the ingredients wrong. Without food science, there might be some foods that dangerous but people don’t notice, and there are good foods, but people think that they are not good for health. The misconception and misunderstanding in food should be gone soon because it can disturb the comfort of some people that might not care about the myth of food but they prefer to think about what they believe. It does happen on carrageenan choice too. Some people believe that it can harm but on the other hands, some of them also think that it’s safe for sure. To make it clear, let’s see how food science sees this additional ingredient.

The view from food science


What is carrageenan? For those who just come to this may not understand about carrageenan. This additional ingredients is for emulsifying foods or thickening foods in cooking process. You can find it in ice cream, yoghurt, almond milk, and more. It is made of the extract of red seaweed, so there is no need to worry about this additional ingredients. It is far better than using animal-based products for some foods. Ale people believe that it’s not safety but chill because there is no exact research that tells it’s totally dangerous. The warning is that you have to have an ideal portion for the foods that contain carrageenan. If you cannot measure how much foods you can eat with that additional ingredient, you can try to find the foods that have more healthy ingredients inside to make sure that the carrageenan is safe for your body. Although there is no exact data about the disease impacted by this carrageenan, you should think and decide before you eat. For us, it’s still okay to eat foods with carrageenan.

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