The Easiest And Fastest Way To Book Bus Ticket Online

| October 21, 2015


Bus can be a good choice for all travelers to go to their destination. The price is cheaper and bus can also make our trip become simple and more interesting. Now we can easily buy a bus ticket by online. There are many providers of online bus tickets which we can use. One of the recommended website is It is the best and the largest bus ticket provider website that we can use. Some of us are may still confused how to book a bus ticket online. Don’t worry guys, this article will give us the instructions on how to order a bus ticket. There are some simple steps we can do to book bus tickets online. The steps are:

1. Go to the website of an online ticket provider
We go to the website online ticket provider. Then, we can get bus tickets online easily.

2. Find and select the seats
Select our Origin, Destination, Departure Date, Departure Time. Then, we click ‘Search Your Trip’. After that, there will be several options and a bus schedule. We select our desire trip and choose our seats and click ‘continue’.

3. Complete the data
The next step is to complete data with the ticket recipient information completely and correctly. If we have a discount voucher, we can enter the voucher code by clicking ‘Apply Code’. Make sure all the information is complete and correct. We must check the payment details that we have to pay.

4. Pay
Choose the method of payment that we want. There are five payment methods. They are Credit Card, Internet Banking, AXS, Paypal, and 7-Eleven outlets. Then, tick to agree to Ticketing Policy and enter Word Verification. After that, click ‘Pay Now’. We will see a confirmation of the number of tickets and the total amount we have to pay and click ‘Ok’. Next, we will show to the Payment Page. We must fill all the details necessary information and make the payment. After payment is made, our order summary will be sent automatically to our email. We must show our order summary when boarding. We can print it out or just show it through our mobile phones.


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