Penang to Singapore Night Bus

| August 19, 2016

Starting the vacation at night by bus is not a boring time and you do not need to try to kill the time. You can spend the whole time in the bus by sleeping. If you want to go to the Singapore by bus from Penang, here is some of the Penang to Singapore bus that departs at night.

The List of Night Bus to Singapore from Penang


There are some schedules available. You can start to depart at 21.00 and every 15 minutes you will find another bus. At 21.00, they are KPB Express, Hee Enterprise, and Seasons Express. All of them are express, but only Seasons become the executive bus. The ticket price is only MYR 65.00 and it is cheaper than KPB Express and Hee Enterprise of Pacific Express (Butterworth). KPB is started from Butterworth to Golden Mile Complex, as same as Hee Enterprise. However, another Hee Enterprise can drop you off in Woodland.

How is about the Seasons? As the executive bus, Seasons is departed from Sungai Nibong to Golden Mile Complex.  Whether adult or child, all of it should pay MYR 65.00. You can choose your seats now if you do the online booking. Do not worry about the payment method that provides by this company because all of the payment methods in any cards are available. What is the name of this company? it has been developed since 2005 and you can trust your vacation here.

Is the bus comfortable? All of the buses are recleaning and including the toilet inside. You also do not need to worry about the convenience seat in it because the buses are completed by air conditioning. Early booked will help you to get any seats you want. Therefore, it is better for you to arrange your vacation as soon as possible! Bring your own blanket and pillow then!

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