Make LCC as Your First Flight Choice

| June 29, 2015

Today, people like something fast. Technology development pushes its user to get anything fast. The one thing that makes everything fast is transportation to distribute anything. That is why; Flight Companies can read the civilization need. They try to fulfill everyone need and not only high class, but also middle and lower class. One thing they can do is by making a publication of “harga tiket murah” in every website or social media. Airlines market their company by onsite or offsite.


More about LCC (Low Cost Carrier)

To fulfill people need, Flight Companies try to use LCC (Low Cost Carrier). By LCC program, everyone can use airplane as his or her first choice. Although LCC offers lower cost, it does not mean you will get the bad quality of safety. However, you will get the small space with different service while you are in the plane. For example, you will not get meal while you are in the plane, and small spaces of seat. Your load capacity is lower than the normal cost.

Saving is not Always Easy to do

To make you enjoy this program, you can use it in short distance of place that you want to go. It is because of by having short distance with LCC, you will not easy to get tired or feel hungry in the middle of the travel. Although by LCC you will save your money more, it does not mean you are really save your money. If you choose to travel to long distance with LCC, it will make you buy something inside the plane, for example is meal. You will spend your money more because the price of meal and everything inside the plane is usually more expensive than usual price. It will destroy your first plan to save your money more.


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