Enjoy Mersing, Enjoy the Beaches

| August 13, 2015

Enjoy Mersing, Enjoy the Beaches

Mersing gateway

If you go to Mersing, you can pay a visit to nearby beaches. The beaches in Mersing rival beaches just on the islands nearby, so you can easily access it from Mersing town. The other interesting places to visit in Mersing is Endau town, it is just near the major off – shore fishing port in Johor (about 33 km from Mersing) and Penyabung. You will find Endau town as very quiet fishing village that exactly located in a beautiful cove by the sea (about 20 km from Mersing). The other attraction is the Endau Rompin National Park in the north Mersing. Your vacation would be incredible because you also can find travel agents, shops and restaurants (even KFC!) easily in Mersing. At the moment you arrive in Mersing, you will realize that Mersing has a perfect mix of the whole countries main dishes. You can find the guest house and hotel offers you a day tour that will include a visit to rubber plant, palm oil plant and any other interesting places in Mersing.

Are you beaching lover?

Satisfy your love to beautiful beaches by take the one day tour to visit and snorkel around four to five off – shore islands. There is a small airport in Mersing called Mersing Airport so you can play sky diving, the air strip is very close to the sea and the length of runway would be only about 1.200 feet. Like I said before, Mersing is a gateway to beautiful islands and the beaches in Mersing aren’t for swimming. You can just go to the nearest beach in 15 km north in Air Papan. If your current location is in Singapore, you can take the famous bus road to Mersing. You can click on http://www.easybook.com/bus-singapore-mersing and get your fully information.


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