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| September 4, 2015


Traveling becomes my routine with my husband when holiday comes. We always choose our destination with some condition especially the transportation to reach the places that we have planned. For the next holiday, we would like to travel to South East Asia countries because I have read many reviews from the travelers that these countries offer many beautiful tourism places to visit. For this, I need to prepare everything to make sure our journey will be fun and we can enjoy each place.

I have decided that I my husband and I will visit east Malaysia and Brunai Darussalam. To give us easiness during the journey, I want to book the transportation from Miri to Brunai Darussalam. When asking a friend of mine who have visited those countries, she recommends me to book it before our departure. To make it quick, I browse it in the internet whether there is a service that offers transportation from this town to Brunai Darusssalam.

Makes everything easy

After searching for a few minutes, then I come to a website,, where I can book land transportation for destination that I want. This website gives me easiness that I just need to book seats for the journey online. The booking process is also very simple. All I have to do is inputting the departure and destination place then I will get the schedule of the available transportation. In my case, bus would be the the transportation mean that will take us to Brunai Darussalam. This is way easier that I don’t have to come to the bus station toget the tickets.

This website is really helpful for me since I never know about this website before. This will be very great for anyone who want to travel from Miri, Serawak, Malaysia to Brunai Darussalam. Surely, the passengers could take the benefits from


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