The Message: Love Bru-Bag, Love America

| August 11, 2015

It is great to spend your weekend with your friends by doing exciting things like going shopping or eating out. But sometimes, you do not need to waste too much money for entertainment like that as you can do better in your house yard. Yes, no need to go far, just in the yard with Bru-Bag. You know, Bru-Bag is an outdoor game that combines Cornhole rules and beer pong that many American people love. This means even though you have never played it before, you will definitely like it.


There is one more thing besides the popularity that makes Bru-Bag a must-played game. Do you know where the game set is manufactured? In the US. And where is it assembled? Right in the same place. Most American do not care about that, they just choose the game they like without thinking who made it. As a good citizen, why don’t you try to give more appreciation to your own product like Bru-Bag? The manufacturer has compelling reasons to do all the production processes here, in the US:

American need something America

Although many people think that America a great and powerful country, some necessities are still imported. Or, even if it is American products, the assembly is done somewhere else. A brilliant idea then comes up: when American can get what they need in their place, why taking it from another? As an American-made product, Bru-Bag is a high quality game set with affordable price for anyone, so no reason to turn your head around.

Lower profit for higher pride

All manufacturers want to earn as huge profit as possible, but it does not mean to lose the pride by doing the production outside to reduce the cost. Although doing the assembly in America may cut down the profit, it definitely increases the pride of the nation. It is something more valuable than money, don’t you think?


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