Stone vs. Metal Chess Board Table

| September 24, 2016


Have you seen the difference between one type of chess board table with another one? Is it clear to see the difference? When you have been stuck to choose which one is best for your hobby like chess, you have to explore more about several types of chess table or others because you need to ensure that you are not wrong in making the decision to choose the right chess board table. It is quite difficult to choose because the kinds of brands are just too many to choose. There is two common type of chess table. They are metal one and stone chess. It has been common type because they are the major type of chess you can choose. The problem is when you have to choose one of them, and you don’t know anything but just about the difference between stone chess table board and metal chess table board.  Here is the difference between stone and metal chess board table.

  • Stone or marble chess board table is more vulnerable than metal ones we all know that stone chess table is vulnerable. When you have to fall the pieces, there will b damaged and sometimes it will be broken because the pieces of chess are made of stones. You have to be careful when you are going to play the chess.
  • Metal steel is more durable than the stone one we all know that metal steel is pretty good, and it has been a common thing that metal chess table cad block is more durable than stone chess.
  • Stone chess is more elegant. We all know that both metal and stone chess are good, but some people claim that stone chess is more elegant.
  • Stone chess table is heavier than but not as durable as metal chess. It’s common because the stone has more weights.

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