| August 15, 2016

16If you are interested in sports betting, having signed up with an online sportsbook such as Midas303 you might also have a healthy interest in the history of this incredibly fun and exhilarating pastime as well. You might first be interested in sports betting due to the craze surrounding it, especially when a certain sport’s season, such as soccer or football, comes around, as well as thanks to hearing the success stories of many professional sports bettors who can make a living simply by placing a bet on a particular sporting event. Judging from all the hype surrounding sports betting and the number of online sportsbooks available out there, including Midas303, it might be a surprise for you to know that the online sports betting as we know it has only been conceived a few years ago in 1996.


The first online sportsbook was launched in 1996, and the pace picks up incredibly quickly as that year alone saw more than sixty billion dollars being wagered online. Other Free casino online games followed suit, and in the span of a few years there has been a meteoric rise of online sportsbooks available for your picking. Aside from their convenience aspect, online sportsbooks such as Midas303 are also getting massive popularity among both beginner and veteran bettors alike thanks to the many bonuses they are offering, from deposit bonuses to cashbacks, that might not be as widely available from offline bookmarkers. Not only that, online sportsbooks also have so many different and interesting features, such as in-play betting as well as options for you to cash out.

Thanks to the availability of online sports betting, placing your bet on your favorite team gets so much easier. Simply sign up to your favorite online sportsbook to begin betting!

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