Customized Coasters as a Souvenir in Wedding Parties

| April 18, 2016


Wedding is one of the unforgettable moments in life that everyone wants to eternalize not only by themselves, but also with others who also cherish it. Because of that, it is incomplete for a wedding party without souvenirs for those who come to celebrate it together. Wedding souvenirs also has to be something unique that everyone will always keep. However, it is better to select something that can be used rather than a random knickknack. That way, people who receive the souvenir will automatically get remembered of the wedding date and who gets married.

Customized Coasters

Among many different choices of practical souvenirs that you can offer, coasters are a good option. People usually use them every day in their dining table. Because of that, they will always be remembered of the ones who give the coasters to them. For those who are interested in trying this idea, you can order customized coasters from designers who work on souvenirs. These coasters are very unique compared to other wedding gifts that are already too common. You can put your partner’s and your name on the top of the coaster accompanied with the wedding date.

Love Coasters

Looking for a good souvenir designer? Love Coasters is the one, especially when it comes to coasters. They provide four different materials that you can choose, including rubber, stone, pulp board, and cork. There are also a plenty of design templates that can be used, but you can also bring your own design and discuss it with the designer team from Love Coasters. If you cannot decide on any products, their website can compare between different models for you. If you are lucky enough, you can even get a discount for some models in some special occasions.


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