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| February 19, 2016


You can choose any pet you wish as your psychology treatment. However, before getting the pet, you have to fill the online exam form first. What you have to do is open the DOGtor website and click the online exam menu. There are seven steps you have to answer and pass before you make a payment and get the review from the DOGtor’s team. What else the things you should concern? Before you get the emotional support dog, if you choose a dog, you can see the price plan first and choose the most affordable and suitable to your need.

Pricing Plans from the DOGtor

There are three plans offered by the DOGtor. They are Compassion Plan, Care Plan, and Travel Plan. The best value plan is the Compassion Plan. This plan is no expiration ESA Housing Letter, No Expiration ESA  Travel Letter too. Patients are not required to do the re-evaluated. This is the most popular plan because it gives a discount for an annual fee to update letter.

The other plan is Care Plan. This plan offers 1 year ESA housing letter, which is should be re-evaluated every 12 months. You have to pay full price every 12 months, and it does not include ESA Travel Letter. The last is Travel Plan. It also has only 1 year ESA Travel Letter and it should be re-evaluated every 12 months. This plan does not include ESA Housing Letter too. How is about the price to three of them? The first plan is $199, the second plan is $159, and the last one is $149. Seeing this triple price, it would be very beneficial if you choose the first plan. Take everything simple by one payment and get the full term service. What do you think of it?


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