Benefits Of Legal DNA Testing

| October 13, 2015

Everyone may feel doing a DNA testing is necessary to be done. People usually perform the test if she or he has a case that requires her or him to perform the test. There are several reasons to do a DNA test. However, one thing we must know that not all results of DNA testing can be legally aprroved and admissible by the court. Therefore, we should conduct a legal DNA testing. There are several advantages that we will get if we do it legally.


They are:

  1. Able to save our time and money

Conducting a legal paternity test can save our time and money because the result can be approved and admissible by the court. So if in the end we need to do a legal action for this case, we do not need to retest that will require a lot of time and money.

  1. Obtain a legal evidence for child support

If we take the father’s DNA sample without his knowledge, the result of our DNA tests is not admissible by the court. We must do the right steps to get the results legally valid. So this will not give problems when we need to take legal action for our cases.

  1. Obtain parental rights

Doing parentage test is the first step for us to gain parental rights. The court usually asks us to do so to assist in considering the final decision. That way, there will be no mistake in giving the final decision.

  1. Able to prove inheritance and insurance claims

Insurance companies always ask for concrete evidence when we asked for the name of our child enter into the father’s insurance policy. This can occur if the name of the alleged father is not mentioned in the child’s birth certification. By conducting a legal DNA test, the results will be able to be used as the concrete proof to the insurance company. So that our child can gain inheritance and insurance claims.


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