Rainbowtree: The Jaw Dropping Tree

| September 2, 2015

Rainbowtree does not only happen in human’s imagination. It is not only seen in picture or painting. It does really exist. The rainbow tree has official name as Eucalyptus deglupta. Many people know this tree as Rainbow eucalyptus or Mindanao gum. The color of the bark of the trunk becomes the most magnificent aspect of the tree. It is common to see the bark peeling tree with different color. However, we are not very often seeing the bark of trunk with many colors. We can see red, blue, green, yellow, and many more. The color scheme of the bark peels is very beautiful and amazing. The rainbow tree can be in solid scheme or pastel scheme color. It will depend on the wet of the area, the sun light, and the age of the tree.


Growing the tree

Naturally, the rainbow tree can grow until 60 to 80 feet tall. Then, the width of mature tree can be 20 until 30 feet. The need of sunlight is quite essential. It can grow well when it lives on the full sun area or the partial sun area. The soil where it grows should be wet enough. But, it can adapt to any kind of soil and very well in tolerance the drought.

When we want to grow the rainbow tree, we should place it in the area where the tree can grow well. Then, we should place the tree in the middle where the root can grow three times. We also should cover the entire root on the soil. We should not be worry when we plant the tree. The tree can handle the low tenderness. Then, the growth rate of the tree is quite high. It can be classified as the tree that grow so fast.


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