The Pros and Cons of Buying Followers

| January 13, 2016

The modern world we know today has opened and created a lot of opportunities. When you have a social media account, for instance, not only you can use it for your personal usage, but you can also use it for business. Of course, everything has its own benefits and disadvantages. The same thing also happens to the trend to buy Instagram followers. Different people have their own opinions, creating a pro and con for this matter.

The Newest Trend

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Today’s people are more interested in getting fast result. in the past, you had to be patient to get real result. Likes and followers are the main features in Instagram that will determine your popularity. The more likes or followers you can get, the more popular you become. In the past, however, you were only given natural option to gain followers – you needed to wait for other users to be really interested in your postings. And such process could really take a long time.

However, such ‘natural’ method doesn’t apply anymore; not with a lot of providers offering instant followers and like. If you can’t afford to wait for such a long time and you don’t really mind spending extra money for it, you can always buy the followers. It is guaranteed that you get loads of followers in such short period; no fuss or hassle required.

The Cons

Although this idea is liked by most people in general, some people have cynical point of view. For them, social media isn’t a competition platform where you make a race about who’s the most popular and who isn’t. Social media is supposed to help you have better access to a new world, meet new people, and build new social network.

These people also think that buying followers is cheating. You can always get as many followers as you want, but since they aren’t really interested in you personally, the numbers don’t seem real.


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