The Best Picture Types for Instagram

| February 21, 2016

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The pictures that you post on Instagram are the ones that would be garnering the likes and comments. If you truly wish to become better and more acknowledged on Instagram, then you should focus on posting pictures that you know would attract attention. This is truly easier said than done, but if you know the tips and tricks and what types of pictures the people like, then you would be able to master the art of garnering likes on Instagram in no time and with practically no effort at all.

The Best Types of Pictures for Garnering Likes on Instagram

There are some pictures that are clearly more capable in garnering attention on Instagram than other types of pictures. You should focus on taking and posting pictures that are:

  • Tense

Tense is not a term used to describe facial expressions in this case. At any rate, you should post pictures that have a certain tension around its edges. The more edges and structures you have in your photographs, the better. People love being able to feel the emotions behind a picture.

  • Rich in Certain Colors

People are attracted to certain colors. Although it might be said that all colors are equally attractive, depending on the viewer’s tastes, the fact is that some colors are universally likable. Maintain a strategic distance from yellow, orange and pink. Photographs with grays and greens got the most engagement on Instagram.

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