The Appeal of High Followers

| June 29, 2015

You probably have heard about the service where you can get friends, followers, or likes automatically in an instant. Yes, there is an ongoing debate about the ‘buy Instagram followers’ or ‘buy Facebook likes’, where people have different opinions about it. Despite the controversy, we should look deeper into the trend, why the service exists and it is even considered helpful and beneficial.


Human Nature

People have this tendency to follow the crowd. What do you have in mind when you see a regular Instagram account with high numbers of followers? There is no doubt that you will be curious and then you will decide to follow that account – just to know what makes that account get lots of followers. This is completely normal and logical, as curiosity is a part of human nature.

People who buy Instagram followers have the same idea. They want to create an attraction that makes their account special and different from other Instagram users. When they decide to buy the followers, they hope that other users will notice the high numbers of followers and then be interested in following them. This is the kind of attraction that most business owners want. They want to create an attractive image, so more people will follow them. It is no wonder if the biggest customers for this ‘buying followers or like’ service are the entrepreneurs.

The Main Appeal

Instead of wasting time and energy to attract real people, these business owners don’t really mind with ‘fake’ followers, because they know that the high number of followers can affect their reputation, ranking, and also popularity. It is likely that people will high numbers of followers will get the biggest attention from other users, leading to even more people liking and following them. This is one of the main reasons why business owners don’t mind spending extra for a guaranteed profit.

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