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| May 28, 2015

What are Partner Tools?

This SoundCloud created Partner Tools to give you increased control of your sounds. These tools have functionality above what is normally possible on the platform and give you further control in how you promote your artists.


  • Choose to allow or block access to a sound or set for any country or continent.
  • Gain access to geo-blocking features with your whitelisted profile. They are visible in the edit page of sound or set, giving you the option to select territorial availability. Please refer back to the previous page for more information on ‘whitelisting’ so you can get set up with geo-blocking.

Resound Box with Buy SoundCloud Plays

Domain locking

  • Embedding a sound exclusively in a specific site? Domain locking locks widgets to a specific URL.
  • To use this feature, log in to your SoundCloud profile via the link in the resource box below.
  • Add multiple domains to a specific sound or set in the editor, or free up a widget for general use by removing the locked domains. To remove just hover over the URL and click the trash button.


Choose when uploading to schedule a date when a track becomes public or available as a private widget.

  • If a private widget, you will be shown an embed code for your sound to embed so it is ready to go live for when you have scheduled.
  • Scheduling is an available feature once the profile is whitelisted.

Domain locking and the Secret Widget work well together. Find out more later in this guide or go to

Related sounds and sets

Related sounds will now show at the bottom of every sound’s page, making it easier for fans to discover new and relevant sounds. Get involved with the community and start to curate others’ sounds. Being active will only help to gain your own attention and grow your own artist’s fanbase. You can also buy SoundCloud plays quickly and easily.


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