Install WhatsApp : What I get from it?

| September 20, 2015

WhatsApp is one of the most often downloaded messenger application around the world. This application can be used in any country. This becomes my favorite since there are many interesting features offered for all users and all types of mobile phone. To install Whatsapp application, different type of mobile phone has different ways. But basically, this application is easy to download and use to facilitate people to have good communication. I will describe some benefits of installing this application and make it as a mean to communicate with others.

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The first benefit would be easier way of communication. WhatsApp uses internet connection instead of using mobile credit charges. This means that whenever there is internet connection, this application will work very well to deliver my messages. The internet connection can be from Wi-Fi connection or mobile internet data from provider. This is much easier compared to conventional SMS that I used to know before the internet famous.

The second benefit that I get from this messenger application is that it offers many features to support my communication. This application is featured with various emoticons to make chatting more fun. There is also feature that allows me to send voice messages. This feature is very interesting as I will be able to communicate with my friends and family in both text and voice messages. Moreover, I can also share pictures, videos and files through this application. This makes everything simpler as one application can do many things to support me.

Another benefit from using WhatsApp for communication is that it offers an affordable way that everyone can afford to do it. There are no additional charges when using this application for communication. As long as I have good internet connection, I will be able to use it for any purpose of communication with others over the internet connection.

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