Creating the Online Polls Free

| January 7, 2016

If you have the certain business, it is important for you to create the online polls free. The aim of it is to know the response of the audiences about the products you have. Taking the online polls will be simpler because the kind of the questions is multiple-choice. For that, the audiences can answer fast. You also will get the result fast. Before talking so far, you should know the difference between poll and surveys.


Polls vs surveys

Polls and surveys are the methods that can be used to collect the audiences’ opinions. The difference between them is there is just one multiple-choice question in the polls. Then, there is kind of the types of the multiple questions. Commonly, there are some types of the questions in surveys. Even, there are the open-ended questions like essays.

Based on the type of the question, of course, poll will be shorter than surveys. Filling the question from poll will be very simple and fast. Even, the anonymous can answer this. It is different with surveys. Filling surveys will take the time longer. Then, the correspondents should give the personal information in filling the question.

Choose the right site for making the poll

Don’t be worried if you choose the right site to make the poll. You will know about the feedback of your customers around the world. Just come to the The service is very good. The interesting news is you can choose any language that you want to. When you want to know the feedback some people from the certain country, you just need to use that language so that the respondents can know the language easily. Then, the good service if you can share the result of the poll to anyone that you want to. You will get the unique feature. For that, sharing the result will be easier for you.

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