Blogging 101 for Starting a Business

| October 28, 2015

Have you ever thought of creating a blog of your own? If you never have, then you should because blogging is a media that can be used for so many purposes, and these days it actually connects people more than you think. Blogging can even become an easy start to begin a start-up business, like many has already done in recent years. However, to start a blog for business purposes, there are some things that you need to think about, just like these aspects on the list below.



Although it might sound unimportant, your blog’s platform has more effect than you think. Consider this example: you have a fine connection, but you realize that there are some websites that takes more time than usual to load. Of course it is frustrating, and you do not want your blog to be like that too. That is why choosing a platform that offers a good load time is crucial.

Hosting provider and custom domain name

When you stumble upon certain blogs, you must realize that their address is too long, such as as an example. That actually does not sound enticing or promising for potential buyers who see your blog’s address. For that reason, you should try making a personalized address. Worry not, for the price will be only around $10/year. Once you do this, choosing a hosting provider is the next step. It is a service that stores everything you put inside the blog, so pick one that has an excellent encryption technology.


Of course everyone expects a neat and attracting-looking website. When you start a blog, the provider gives some layout option, but they can be customized. Adding plugins comes along the way with designing the appearance, because it gives a significant contribution in engaging with potential buyers. If they can even make a deal through your blog, they will definitely leave a good feedback and spread the words.


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