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| January 15, 2016

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Everyone has their own preference and like when it comes to home designs. For instance, you may like the contemporary minimalist design, while your partner may opt for traditional country style. Everyone is free to do match and mix for different kinds of designs they like, and it is very common to combine different styles together. What’s important is that you understand the type of design you like and the main characteristics.

The Major Designs

Modern minimalist is one of the major styles in home design. As the name suggests, everything is simple and minimalistic; no heavy or complicated background, and there is certainly not much details and accessories. The colors may be monochromatic, but the scheme is using basic simple colors. It is possible to include geometric stuffs, but the surface is mostly simple and clean; complicated details aren’t included within this kind of style.

Classic is the second basic option. On the contrary to the minimalist modern design, this one has a lot of details. You can find them on the prints, structure of the furniture, patterns, and so many more. often decorated in veggies or floral patterns, the items in classic design comes in warm tones, such as wood brown, terracotta red, or warm orange.

Rustic style is often mistaken as classic style, but they are totally different. This kind of style focuses on the rough, raw, and crude details of the items. If you see wooden logs as the coffee table or tree trunks as the lamps, then it is included as rustic style. The design uses warm color; which tends to be darker and natural colors.

Classic reinterpreted design is the combination of old and new, similar to the classic and the modern types. The overall result is elegant and yet contemporary. For instance, a sofa with metal frame in cool and classic color, or a metal hanging lamp with more contemporary feel.


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