The Facts about Carrageenan

| October 27, 2016

Our modern food industry today has undergone a huge development and advancement. There have been a lot of things happening and we do enjoy the different types of food products available for our consumption. However, you should also remember that these foods may contain substances that you need to be aware of. It would be wise if you can improve your own self-awareness and be careful about choosing the right foods.

About Carrageenan

So, what’s so special about carrageenan? It is one of the natural stabilizer or thickeners that is usually added to the foods to improve the taste, texture, and also smell. The yogurts, for instance, has a rich foamy and creamy texture that is appealing and mouth watering, thanks to the carrageenan. Without the carrageenan, the yogurts will be watery and probably yucky – the same thing goes for ice creams and cream cheese.

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The Problem

As you see, carrageenan plays an important part in our modern food industry and development. However, there was a rumor developing in the 2000s about the danger of carrageenan. It claimed that too much carrageenan consumption can lead to health issues and even cancerous cells development. There was also a scientific proof involving lab rats where they were fed by foods containing a substance claimed as the carrageenan. The rats did develop positive symptoms of digestive issues and other health conditions.

However, later on, it was found out that the substance wasn’t carrageenan – but poligeenan, instead. Poligeenan is another different string of carrageenan that is truly dangerous and not used in the food industry. Up until now, research and studied done by many health organizations (including the FDA) have found no proof that carrageenan is dangerous. So, is carrageenan safe? Yes, based on the scientific evidence and the various experts’ explanation, this substance isn’t harmful or toxic. You don’t have to worry about consuming it, anyhow.

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