The Acceleration of Spine Analysis from Kangoo Shoes

| August 5, 2015

Useful in aerobic exercise

Kangoo shoes may therefore prove to be an aerobic exercise workout that is less harmful to the joints in terms of repetitive impacts of the foot and ground. Like in the running condition with training shoes displayed peaks between 6 and 10 g at the tibia level as found in previous studies. With this kangoo jump shoes, the peak acceleration is 50% lower. The attenuation of the force impact is significant.

These preliminary results showed promise for the use of Kangoo shoes for low impact exercise such as recreational jogging or fitness. The uninjured person may be able to continue with a high volume ground based activity without the impact injury risk inherent in the sport activity.

Further there may be application of these shoes in rehabilitating patients with lower limb injuries. The patients could perform activities similar to normal jogging, maintaining cardiovascular endurance but in a lower impact situation. Jogging with Kangoo shoes may be a valuable intermediate step in the rehabilitation process.

  • Training for long distanc  e races is another possible use for Kangoo shoes. Top level athletes have to train more than 10 hours in the week.
  • To reduce the risk of an overuse injury, many athletes perform aqua jogging, an other training method to increase the aerobic capacity.
  • Kangoo shoes minimize the impacts with the ground and offer a good opportunity to train outdoor without the risk of injuries like stress fractures and tendinitis.

 Kangoo Shoes

Spine Acceleration of Shoe

The frequency analysis of tibial and lumbar spine acceleration showed that Kangoo shoes running condition demonstrated less impact acceleration, with lower values than running with training shoes for peak and median frequency. The frequency range is associated with the collision of the foot to the ground and this frequency band may be implicated in musculoskeletal injuries.


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