Lightweight and Sturdy Glasses: ZIC Reading Glasses by Reading Glasses UK

| September 16, 2015

                During the past few years, eyeglasses are not just a vital tool for those who need them, but they also have become a part of popular fashion. These fashion glasses are usually non-prescribed, but for those whose eyesight needs to be assisted, fashion also reached out to glasses with prescription. However, glasses generally need to be taken care and are prone to break if they fall or stepped on. Moreover, they are not cheap; thus breaking them is something that many people definitely do not want to happen unless they are already worn off.

Reading glasses

ZIC Reading Glasses

                That problem is not a matter anymore now because ZIC Reading Glasses by Reading Glasses U.K. combine every necessary aspect that can optimize the usefulness of foldable reading glasses. Firstly, they boast a stylish futuristic design to match the high-tech lifestyle of dynamic executive officers, designers, or academicians. Secondly, they offer maximum sturdiness that anyone can find in a pair of glasses. ZIC Reading Glasses are designed to endure pressure, heat, scratches, and crashes; despite of its fancy look. Thirdly, they are convenient to carry and to wear. Apart from their sturdiness, these glasses are very light compared to other glasses, which means they fit on everyone’s head without adding a significant amount of weight.


                The core of ZIC Reading Glasses’ advantageous features is the material used for crafting this magnificent optics; which is AllylDiglycol Carbonate, a strong thermoplastic that used to be a material in constructing U.S. World War II Bomber Planes. Because of this, ZIC Reading Glasses can be so light yet sturdy at the same time. They are exclusively sold for €29.99 only through and are available in 8 different color choices including red, white, black, pink, green, yellow, dark and light blue. Moreover, it has a unisex design, so it fits both men and women.


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