History of carrageenan

| June 28, 2017

Carrageenan is a food ingredient that is discovered and used by the African countries at the starting time. The use of carrageenan in food items was starting from about 100 years before in African countries.

Most of the traditional food items from African countries are including carrageenan as the main ingredient and without carrageenan, they won’t prepare any important food items. And also the food items which are specially made for God should contain the carrageenan content in African countries.

The raw material of carrageenan has been extracted from the sea side of the Philippines, African beaches and the surrounding sea sides in there.a  recent search on carrageenan tells that the carrageenan raw materials are also grown in the great Indian ocean and island areas near to them.

The extraction process of carrageenan is done in a natural way by native people. They were collecting the carrageenan from red seaweed and dry it in a natural sunlight for few days until it dries completely.

After that, it was boiled in a hot water and to remove the substance in it and then it was processed for next level to make a fine powder. This fine powder is used while preparing the food items. The use of carrageenan in the food items will give some extra properties to that food items.

At the starting period, carrageenan is wrongly understood as poligeenan, which is a nonfood graded material but looks same as the food graded carrageenan. At starting time poligeenan is wrongly used in food which results in wrong results. So that the use of Carrageenan is banned for few days.

But now The use of carrageenan gives a great texture finishing effects in dairy foods and it will give gelling property in high content of water based products.

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