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| September 29, 2016


In case you’ve been doing yoga for a while and want to ante up a little bit by mixing some meditation techniques. Then you’re making the right decision. Despite the common misconception that yoga equals meditation or vice versa, they are two different things. However, you can always combine them and feel a higher satisfaction than the way you do it most of the time.

Why Yoga and Meditation?

Well, the easiest answer would be because both of them require you to control your breathing. Yoga, unlike what most people think, is all about controlling your breath. That’s why the transition between poses are often fluid and look like regular stretching. Meditation, also rely on breathing control, but more on the steady side. Having more concentration while you’re doing yoga might be a good start for your meditation time.

How to Work Them Together

Believe it or not, it’s hard to keep your concentration while doing yoga. And mind you, not all poses is suitable to meditate. Unless you’re really good at it, the downward dog might be too much of a pose to meditate in. Most people choose to have the meditation when they’re more relaxed. And it works really well. Most common poses to meditate are the lotus and the corpse. Both were often used as a cool down pose, and it’s the perfect time if you want to meditate.

Don’t expect yourself to suddenly able to meditate while doing a headstand like a master yogi. Do it slowly and at the pace that you like. Don’t force yourself to be something you’re not. The most important thing is that you have the moment of completion that can be achieved after you include meditation into your yoga routine.

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