Joann after Reopening

| July 19, 2015

After dealing with the financial problem and meager capital, the situation at Joann was not the same when Hilda and friends established the company for the first time. They had to close the retail store for some time. However, they did not lose easily. They might give up at the worst stage when the company cannot be saved. But, they gave a try for a second chance. They reopened the company with different strategy. This first failure might have given enough lessons for Hilda and her friends. It is shown from the success that they got now.


New strategy and new concept

In 1969, Hilda and her colleagues tried to fix the mistakes that they did before. They made an effort to reopening Joann again. It was done by enlarging the store. Joann fabric was relocated to larger place. Besides that, they offered Joann fabrics coupons. Among all, they did not sell imported cheese anymore.

Started from the reopening, they focused on selling and distributing fabrics. Besides that, they came out with new innovation. They started to offer Joann’s coupon. Besides that, they participated on stock exchange under the name America Inc. The year after that, Joan fabric shopping center was reopened.

The company did not stay in the same place after that. The progress of the company was very good. Ten years after opening the shopping center, Hilda and Reich expanded the business by starting to sale of craft flowers. It seemed that their effort to make Joan success again was worthy. They became more success than before.

The other achievement that they got was the world’s first successful company to operate 342 stores. That event happened in 1994. Until now, they have added more stores, they have 655 stores. That is why Joann becomes very famous nowadays.


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