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| September 17, 2015

What springs into your mind when it comes to talk about eyelash extensions? For those who are not familiar with eyelash extensions yet, eyelash extensions are getting your eyelash extended to be longer, curlier and more attractive. Usually, eyelash extensions are done at a particular, or specific salon that has certified professional stylist and cosmetician to perform eyelash extension, because this is not an easy job to do. Eyelash Extensions Studio City can be your alternative if you are living in Los Angeles.

Eyelash extensions are done by attaching synthetic lash extensions to every single one of your natural lash. If you used to have not-too-attractive eyes with short lashes, now you can have that “Queen B” eyes and you will have no reason not to feel beautiful about yourself. If you are asking about the process of getting it on to your eyes, well, after choosing the type of the eyelash that you want or is suitable for you, you will have to close your eyes for approximately 3 hours after you get it done. A salon that has good reputation surely hire professional stylist and cosmeticians to perform eyelash extensions. Beauty Boutique LA is surely one of them.

The salons or beauty center with good reputation will give you the best service with the best tools and results. It might be a little bit pricey, but for a pair of attractive lashes that looks natural, why not? One more thing that you should know about getting eyelash extensions is you will need to retouch up your lashes after 2 weeks to 2 weeks because the extensions will fall out when your natural lashes fall out. Two weeks is the normal period of getting re-touched up. Who needs fake eyelash when you got eyelash extensions already?


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