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| August 13, 2015

Portable and Dock speaker

From the name alone we would have known this type of speaker. Portable speakers are the type of speaker that is able to give you incredible flexibility. These speakers consist of several individual speakers that have high flexibility and are usually quite mild. Speaker of this type can usually be used for various events.

Q Acoustics

Almost equally portable speaker, speaker dock can be used to play audio from your phone or mp3 player. Most docking speakers designed to be used on Apple devices and very little that can be used for devices other than Apple. If you are not a user of Apple, you might consider buying wireless speakers.

Wireless speakers

One of the speakers with new innovations is wireless speaker. With wireless speakers you will be able to use the speaker whenever wherever and easily. Wireless speakers are circulating in the market using Bluetooth technology, Air Play (specifically for devices Apple) or Wi-Fi to get the signal from the device you are using. Many models of wireless speakers have a compact design, so that it can be used in various places.

A new type of wireless speakers has a system that is able to connect with other wireless speakers. When using the wireless speakers, you can easily control speakers with your smart phone or tablet.

Sound bars

Sounds bars is one type of complete speakers offer convenience to be able to satisfy the users. Sounds bar can be accessed directly through your television with a port that has been supplied. Sounds bar has several advantages such, is able to produce a clear sound in the room is small having fewer wires to be connected and configuration is fairly easy. You can consider buying a complete speaker bar-type sounds, when your room is not too big and symmetrical.

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