The Meanings of the Terms on the Betting Table

| June 3, 2016

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How important is that you know all the terms on the guide for the betting? The answer is absolute yes. The situs Judi bola will help you to know the terms which are used on the betting table. Sometimes, knowing about the power of the team in the field is not enough. Understanding and calculating are as important as your soccer knowledge. The terms on the table will help to know how much you will lose or how much you will win.

About HDP

Under the HPD table will be the voor, for example, 2-2.5. The team with red fonts is the voor. And then, the number next to the voor is kei which is a tax. For example, the team is -1.030. Then, the opponent under it has a number -1.505. It means that when you bet the second team, you will be applied tax which is about -1.050. If you bet 100.000 on the first team, you will need to click the -1.030 and then you add 100 on the column and it will appear. When the game ends in a 3-1 score, the 2.2-5 is the voor or the prediction of the game. It means that it is the deviation of the score. It means that you are lost a half. Then, the calculation is (100×1.030)/2=51.5. The same number of winning will happen if you bet on the second team. The full winning will be got if you the final score difference is more than three. You will with full as you bet.

Other terms

You bet will be influenced by the O/U and the O/E. The prediction of the score will be the center of how you will win. The O/U will show how will bet the game. It can be your strategy in the winning the bet.


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