The Cartoon Is Still Has Existed, Here We Have gaming reviews Wii U For You!

| January 3, 2016

Wii U, though it doesn’t reach a massive fan like other game console, Sony and Xbox One, they still has a huge fan for enjoying Wii U games even though it is only a cartoon. Therefore, for you who are missing this game, we present you gaming reviews Wii U. Some games are still in victorious among the fan.

Lego City Undercover

 WII 2

Created by TT Fusion, this game was launched by Nintendo last 2013. It comes as game adventure in single player only. Meanwhile, this game makes everything as fun when you get some humor in it.

The Vast Lego City Undercover is designed in an interesting plot. As a player, you will be the police who pretend to be Chase McCain. The Chase will move through town to catch a murder. The chase enables you to swing, jump up to the wall town, running and ride a motorcycle. In this case, he will masquerade as the additional features. Becoming a robber, it enables the main character to guest who is the real murder. Additionally, the Chase can run Helicopter, truck and ship. However, the Lego City Undercover is claimed tracing the Grand Theft Auto.

The game tends to show the protagonist instead of the antagonist. Ellie Philips, Frank Madu, Dr Henry Kowalski and Duke Huckleberry are the ones who become Chase McCain friends. Rex Fury,Chan Chuang and Forrest Blackwell are the ones who included as the antagonist.


The second gaming reviews Wii U is the Runner 2 a.ka. Future Legend of Rhythm Alien is not a game specialized for the Lego City Undercover. It is also available for PS3, Xbox 360 Playstation Vita and other platforms. It is still a challenging game for gamers with 14 levels to bring the player into victory without being fell down on the road. Automatically, the character will run and some of moving is done for facing the obstacles like jumping, gliding and kicking. However, as the design and the character available still makes this game being underestimated, but it still challenging when played even some features like scoring items and costume and etc. Some gamers tell that it is difficult to bend down as the speed. Well, I think nothing is better than try it out, how does it feel when it comes to your console?

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