Take Out Her Cycling Gear, Madonna Explore Her Cycling Power

| October 24, 2015

The Queen of pop, Madonna gets a green knitted hat and warm jacket. Her cycling tour was in the Vancouver’s Stanley Park. She looked great with her green beanie that October weather had. Her cycling tour has become the point of attraction for many people and they are quite happy to see Madonna at Vancouver’s Stanley Park. This activity makes her look still active and strong to do this activity in her age.


Madonna is Always Looks Amazing

As what Pop music blog always giving information about their star, Madonna also cannot be stopped to discuss. Her touring, which is called Rebel Heart Tour asks her to get more stamina. This tour would be continued until March 2016. It was a great activity for the music artist because it makes her get higher stamina as the queen of pop. Her appearance is very awesome with skimpy shorts and fishnet tights. This activity gets a good respond in social media. Madonna’s fans find it the best way to get warmth and higher stamina through this activity for Madonna. This activity is a great experience to her and she really love this activity and enjoy every moment of it.

Maybe it becomes a different story if someone who does this activity is not Madonna. Madonna is well known as an active and attractive singer in her age. Therefore, seeing she did this activity is not a strange news anymore. However, her fans will always support her active activity as long as it is good for her and support her power in singing. If you are the real fans of Madonna, you also have to take yourself attractive in your age and active for sure. What Madonna did was not an impossible or difficult thing to follow!


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