Football score prediction with Artikel Goal

| October 21, 2015

Are you an avid football match fan? If so, you should try combining your favorite thing with a beneficial money earning activity. We are talking about playing a football betting here and not just a regular one. Have you ever heard of online football betting? If you haven’t you should try this really fun games. You can bet on your favorite football club and getting a lot money if you win. If you live especially in Indonesia, we have the right online website for you. Here we will discuss about Artikel Goal and why it is the suitable football betting site for you.

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About Artikel Goal

Artikel goal is a big website which provides an online sbobet agent or agen sbobet as the local Indonesian call it. In here, you will be able to bet on the upcoming football matches. You can either do a winner and loser bet or a score prediction bet. Usually, this website is known for score prediction bet. The upcoming football matches which are listed on the site right now include matches between England and Estonia, Portugal and Denmark, and so many others. As a trusted online site, Artikel Goal is very popular among Indonesian right now.

Get Your Bonus

Other than Sbobet, you can also play other sports book available in the site. For instance, you can play sports book such as 368bet and IBCbet. If you would like to be a new member to one of those three sports book, you will gain a new membership bonus. This new membership bonus is a hundred percent bonus. Therefore you will gain your money doubled back if you can. As a requirement, you need to deposit your initial fifty thousand rupiahs deposit. You can head out to their site at and then make your very first deposit right now.


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