Safelink Wireless: Free Cell Phone Service

| August 14, 2015

Free cell phone service in United States is part of the government program. The Safelink Wireless is one of the operators which involves in government program. The contribution of this product is managed by TracFone Wireless Inc. The Safelink Wireless has become the largest free cell phone service and the oldest one. Similar to other free cell phone service, Safelink Wireless offers monthly free package for 25 minutes free call and 1,000 text messages. The service of this program may interest people to have it. The product is totally free. We should not pay anything to get that.

The reach of Safelink Wireless

The Safelink Wireless is available in more than half of the United States. The reach of this product is wider that other free cell phone service. Then, Safelink has been supplied to about 4,000,000 people in United States. The possibility of Safelink to be available for the entire country is wide open. The TracFone Wireless Inc is planning to expand the product to all states in United States.

The available data plan

As a free cell phone service, Safelink offers the users three data plan package. The first one we can get 60 minutes fee call but can get carryover plan when we use more than one hour total. In the 60 minus free call, we can have text message service. The text message is count as one-minute-free-call every three text messages. In this data plan we can get free international and long distance calls. The other data plan consists of 125 minutes free call and 250 minutes free call. The text message will charge one minute every text message. Then, we cannot get the free international and long distance call. Besides that, all data plan offers voice mails.Safelink Wireless


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